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Our programs are designed to meet your specific outcomes and are highly interactive. From captivating keynotes to hands-on training, we work with you every step of the way to guarantee a high-impact experience.

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Lessons of a Life Diva™

Based on the 3-woman show created by Allison and her writing partner Bonnie Michaels, Lessons of a Life Diva™ takes you on a roller coaster ride that leaves you energized to live your best life.  Audience members learn how to turn adversity into opportunity and transition from fearful to fearless in discovering their life purpose and journey.

Allison shares her life-long journey of releasing self-doubt to finally believe what others saw in her. Along that bumpy path, she was laid-off and then downsized, qualified for food stamps, suffered debilitating pain for disease doctors doubted existed, followed by class four melanoma.  The triumphs were high though, too – she was one of the first female regional directors of a 5-star hotel company, named Outstanding Woman of America, the Florida Speaker of the Year by the NSA South Florida,  and a founding member of a prestigious collegiate honorary for women. She also became a part-time mom to two young children when she married their father and learned that love comes in many ways.

Lessons of a Life Diva™ is a fun, funny, heartbreakingly honest view of one woman’s journey to become authentic by turning the tears of life’s challenges into true opportunities.  Audiences walk away with tools and inspiration to:

Lessons of a Life Diva™ is available as a keynote, breakout session, workshop, retreat facilitation or two-woman show.

The Power of Positive Politics

Most people don’t like politics and in many cases, rightfully so – politics has earned an ugly reputation.  Many women make the common mistake of believing merit and talent are enough to achieve the desired outcome while many men naturally tap into an organized society to produces results.  In this insightful keynote, the power of positive politics is explored to understand how politics are the fuel to accomplish key goals.

Mastering positive politics is a critical skill – whether it’s for personal or professional benefit. In positive politics, relationships are key, as are communication and productivity.  It takes politics to bring people together, plus engage their focus and commitment in order to achieve goals. 

Both resisting and abusing politics can short-circuit your career while causing stress and unnecessary drama. Allison shares life-changing experiences that either repel or propel you to success by utilizing a positive approach.  This thought-provoking program reveals how to:

The Power of Positive Politics is available as a keynote, breakout session or half-day retreat / workshop.

Soul Ownership -- The Power or Rekindling Purpose and Passion

Do you ever feel that your life was designed for a higher or different purpose? Do you wonder if this is all there is to living?  Do you feel out of touch with yourself and your own personal dreams and desires?   How does this affect the people you live and work with?  These are just a few of the questions Allison asked herself throughout an award-winning career, and what gave her the courage to start over and build her own successful business after being downsized and laid off twice.

Soul Ownership gives participants the tools to explore the very core and essence of who they are and who they desire to be. Audience members learn how to draw on this power to set and achieve their goals while empowering others.  Take-home activities demonstrate how to incorporate these traits into their personal life routines.   As a result, team members find renewed energy and passion for their work and colleagues while leaders establish a clear, values-driven vision.  This program focuses on identifying individual life purpose and how your purpose impacts an entire organization.

Key insights include:

Highly recommended as a keynote, retreat kick-off or as a leadership workshop for defining direction and strengths of an organization, Soul Ownership is a powerful, impactful experience with insightful outcomes.  The program is also highly customizable to highlight organizational goals and directives. A unique feature is that members leave with an “accountability partner” to coordinate activities and continue personal development beyond the day.

I Wish I’d Said That! How to Communicate Under Pressure

Why does the perfect response come to mind after an uncomfortable encounter?  Do you worry that people are taking you seriously?  Have you ever been-caught off-guard and mumbled and incoherent answer?  Never again! After working with Allison in I Wish I’d Said That!, you’ll create conversations that get the results you want, when you want them. 

I Wish I’d Said That! provides two distinct conversation models that are easy to learn and use – and work in even the most awkward situations.  Through interactive exercises, you’ll master a tool to be able to think on your feet with poise and control. You’ll be able to motivate others to listen and buy-in to your proposal.  You’ll have a “secret” formula to answer unexpected questions while sounding both organized and confident. Best of all, you’ll be polished and professional no matter what the circumstances.

Tack-back tools from this interactive program are:

I Wish I’d Said That! is one of Allison’s most requested programs – and includes her hilarious signature story of Billy, the young man who wore his pajamas to work at a US Air Force base.  If you need an engaging, “get-em-talking” and results-oriented program, this is an ideal breakout topic. 

Creating Buy-in: The Art of Persuasion and Motivation

In a crazy world of tweets, texts and viral videos, you only have a few seconds to get your message heard.  And to top it off, listeners think about themselves 94% of the time, leaving you in competition with the rest of the world for that illusive 6% of their attention.

This interactive program gives you hands on tools to motivate and persuade others to buy-in.  Discover how to grab your listener’s attention with a message that is targeted and persuasive in just 3 simple steps.  Increase your client compliance up to 93% by using one single word.  And, create immediate buy-in and motivation by answering the one question every person asks.

Hands-on on skills and tools you’ll develop include:

Creating Buy-in: The Art of Persuasion and Motivation is a conference favorite and resulted in standing room only at the Florida Public Relations Association annual convention.  Don’t miss this practical, easy-to-apply and highly effective breakout!

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